Street Address
1832 Front Street


The Syme building was built in 1912 on the site of a former dwelling by A. B. Syme Construction.

The name Syme is cast in a plaque embedded in the center of the decorative brick roof parapet for the builder. This 2-story red brick-faced building is typical of the downtown row-type store front with convenient living quarters above.

From 1912-1930 a grocery store was located here and eventually a pie shop. Around 1930 the address was changed from 214 to 1832 Front Street. From 1946-1987 the Fugarino Family owned and operated the popular “Glens” restaurant here.

Then from 1994 to 2021 the Hunt family offered casual dining at the equally popular "Hunt's” restaurant and pub. Tiki Underground, a tiki bar featuring authentic cocktails, opened their doors in September 2022 and is the current resident within this historic building. 

The building is located within the Cuyahoga Falls Local Downtown Historic District.

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