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A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (D.O.R.A.) 

What's a DORA? Patrons within a DORA that purchase an alcoholic beverage for on-premises consumption from a DORA designated liquor permit holder can leave the permit premises with an opened alcoholic beverage container and continue consuming it within the DORA. Simply, you can walk around areas of our downtown with an alcoholic beverage purchased from a DORA selling business. 

In downtown Cuyahoga Falls, locals and tourists can enjoy a stroll and a drink daily Monday through Sunday 10am to 10pm {business hours vary}

Beer, wine, & cocktails can be consumed inside DORA boundaries by purchasing drinks from participating DORA establishments.

Consumers should expect to pay a $1 DORA fee and all DORA drinks must be consumed from approved DORA cups, distributed by participating DORA establishments. The $1 DORA fee is donated back to the DTCF Partnership to support our mission. Learn how YOU can support DTCF further by becoming a member, donating/sponsoring events, and volunteering!

We want our community to enjoy DORA and contribute to the positive impact it will have in Cuyahoga Falls. Find information and resources on this webpage about DTCF's DORA by scrolling below.

  • Stay inside the DORA boundaries - look for the signs! {map below}

  • Finish your drink before entering another DORA establishment.

  • Dispose of cups in receptacles located throughout downtown.

  • Drink responsibly & have fun!

  • DORA cups are recyclable & single-use only. No refills.

  • No other container is permitted for the consumption of drinks.

Look for the below decals on the doors and/or windows of downtown businesses!

DORA decals

The logo and decals were designed by creative Andy Taray, owner of The Social Department and OADC. It was important for us to source talent within DTCFP and our downtown community. Andy has served on our board and is very active within the community as a business owner and advocate. In the decals below he added our iconic downtown plaza sails, the clocktower, the Cuyahoga River + waterfall, trees/natural elements paying homage to CVNP, and railroad tracks. We couldn't be happier with how these turned out. If you are interested in working with Andy, click here!


Grab a DORA drink from one or more of the following establishments within the DORA Boundaries in downtown Cuyahoga Falls:


Stroll around downtown with your DORA drink and shop local inside the following establishments that allow DORA drinks in their business:

  • Celia's Boutique
  • Cuyahoga Valley Art Center
  • Falls Outdoor Company
  • Fit Life Gym
  • Flury's Cafe
  • Good Co Salon
  • Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop
  • Harps & Thistles Yarn Emporium
  • Hope Soap
  • Jean + Lou
  • Magna Wine Boutique
  • Metropolis Popcorn
  • Morty's Munchies Dog Bakery & Boutique
  • Mr. Funs Costumes & Magic Emporium
  • Natural Wonders Shop
  • New2Me
  • Restorative Massage & Wellness Center
  • Shelf Life Bookstore
  • The Gourmet Popper Cafe
  • The Jenks Building
  • The Social Dept.
  • VIVO Beauty Bar
  • Yada Yada Coffee Roasters


When is the D.O.R.A. active?

Daily Monday through Sunday from 10am until 10pm. The DORA will be suspended during the Riverfront Irish Festival, Festa Italiana, Oktoberfest, downtown trick or treat, and the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Due to large amount of families that attend these events, a decision was made for the safety of all to suspend serving DORA beverages during these events.

What are the benefits of having a DORA in downtown Cuyahoga Falls?

  • It creates the movement of people. Is there a wait at the bar or restaurant you were hoping to visit? Grab a DORA beverage and meander through our downtown exploring everything from river to retail! CLICK HERE FOR OUR MAP
  • Keep your dollars local. Money spent in DTCF stays in DTCF! The DORA can generate additional revenue for participating bars and restaurants even retail when you shop around. 
  • Lengthen time spent downtown. We are excited and grateful that you are choosing to spend your time and money in our vibrant and historic downtown! We encourage you to take in all we have to offer from retail to restaurants to our history trail to live entertainment and so much more offered by us, our city, and our amazing businesses. Additionally, downtown would be enhanced by an increase in foot traffic for downtown retailers and participants to support local bars + restaurants.
  • You are supporting and investing in your community. Why an additional $1 for each DORA beverage? That $1 per drink is invested back into the DTCF Partnership as a fundraiser which in turn is invested back into our community through elevating events, promotion of downtown, funding of local collaborations, volunteer retention, beautification efforts, and initiatives supporting our mission. Learn more about us and our mission HERE!

Do all downtown businesses need to participate in the DORA?

It's each businesses choice. Upon activating DTCF's DORA, all downtown establishments have the option to participate. For bars + restaurants that carry appropriate liquor permits, owners can opt-in to participate by agreeing to the local terms of participation. For non-bar/restaurant establishments, window decals have been made available that indicate whether DORA drinks are permitted within their establishment. The Downtown Cuyahoga Falls Partnership will maintain lists of participants across the board for marketing + promotion.

If you have questions, please reach out to To learn more about DORAs, click here.

Thank you to the City of Cuyahoga Falls, CFPD, City Council, participating businesses, residents, volunteers, our DTCFP board, and many others who made this possible!